Basepoint Engineering recently had the pleasure of designing this jib for Craneworks Canada. The jib is designed and built for an application in the electricity transmission industry and was custom designed to slide in the end of the specific crane using a quick attach system. The over all length was 30ft and it hydraulically actuated off a remote so that it could be leveled by the operator through out all crane positions. Due to the length and load requirements keeping the dead weight as low as possible was critical so we utilized aluminum construction with lots of weight reducing holes. To help with storage we designed the unit to fold in half and fit in a cradle on the deck.

As part of the service Basepoint engineered the structural components, produced manufacturing drawings with weld specifications, bill of materials and construction information. We then weld inspected and performed a load and stability test to make sure the crane and equipment was stable in the operating range.

Basepoint Engineering works with all sorts of lifting equipment, crane attachments and other mobile equipment. Give us a call for your specific application.

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