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With a combined 20+ years of experience designing below the hook lifting devices Basepoint Engineering can meet all of your lifting equipment engineering needs. If you have a specific lifting problem we can develop lifting plans and custom designed lifting equipment to meet your needs. We can also reverse engineer any of your existing lifting equipment that you might have. If you are interested in building lifting equipment because you require a lifting devices for your operations or you want to produce lifting devices commercially, read the Basepoint blog to learn all about the challenges that can arise while commercially producing lifting equipment. Also we are in the process of compiling a library of pre-engineered drawings that will be available to download. To be notified of when the library becomes available, click here.

Learn About Lifting Equipment:

Love spreader bars as much as us? We write lots of content but take a second to read these blog articles on the topic.

Custom Crane Block

I recently has the pleasure of building a crane block for a specific custom applications. This is not the first time in my career that I have gotten to design and build a block but is not something many will do often. If you are thinking of building such a device consider reaching out to us. Here are a few take aways I had from the project.

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Lifting Beam Types

There are many different styles of lifting beams out there. Over the years many people have tried to innovate on the simple idea of a beam that spreads the lifting points out from a single crane hook. Here are a few options to think about if you are considering purchasing a lifting beam.

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Engineering Included

All of our engineered drawings are stamped and sealed by a professional engineer with a permit to practice in Canada and follow the strict guidelines described in ASME B30.20 and BTH-1.

Perfect Design Every Time

Browse through our library of downloadable designs if you don't see what you need contact us and we can custom design your lifting device. We also reverse engineer any lifting equipment if you have something you are using that isn't engineered yet.

Manufacturing Ready

All our blue prints are completely ready to manufacture. Each lifting device comes with: DXF files to communicate with CNC cutting machines, weld specifications, details on required rating plate, machining details and all manufacturing details.

Physical Product

If you have read all our info on building your own lifting equipment but would still rather buy the finished product we do sell the lift ready final product and ship internationally. Contact us for a quote and details.

Pre-Engineered Spreader Bar Drawings:

Ready to download pre-engineered spreader bar drawings? Click here to go to our online store and select from our library of manufacturing ready spreader bars.

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