Adjustable reverse jib with a 6ft reach and a 5000lb capacity for use with your articulating crane.

Adjustable Reverse Jib

See the following drawings to produce and adjustable reverse jib.  This jib is used to extend the reach of an articulating crane specifically used to reach inside doors or openings to lift inside buildings otherwise unreachable. These drawings produce an adjustable jib with a 7ft reach and a 2.5ton capacity and is adjustable through a range of motion of 0-45 degrees.

With all jib products that slip into the last section of an articulating crane you are required to send us the measurements of the end of your boom so we can double check the engineering and adjust the drawings for your specific crane.

Please note that the rating on this jib does NOT supersede the rating on the crane and you need to be within the original manufacturers load chart with the load and jib. Also note that the radius of operation with regards to the posted chart is changed by the amount the jib is extended.


  • 5000lb capacity
  • Single lug for use with a shackle
  • Adjustable from 0-45 degrees of 15 degree increments
  • 72″ length @ 0 degrees
  • 54″ reach out and up @ 45 degrees


  • Extend the reach up and out of your crane
  • Lift in hard to reach areas like through doors or windows
  • Flip it the jib upside down for further negative angle adjustment
  • Save on shipping
  • Build it yourself!
Reverse Jib details
Reverse Jib Rating Plate

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