Drawings to produce a fixed length fork lift boom. Designed and certified to be compliant with OH&S and OSHA. These drawings include material information, welding information and manufacturing instructions.

Fixed Length Booms

See the following drawings to produce a fixed length fork lift boom. These drawings are everything that you will need to manufacture your own fork lift boom for sale or use within your company. Jump in the fork lift attachment market and compete with the nation wide manufacturers by saving shipping.


1st Hole: 4000lbs @ 4ft

2nd Hole: 3500lbs @ 5ft

3rd Hole: 3000lbs @ 6ft

4th Hole: 2500lbs @ 7ft

5th Hole: 2000lbs @ 8ft

Finished product weight approximately 290lbs

Safety Factor 3:1


  • 5 – hook points
  • Use shackles or lifting hooks
  • Hook points on 12″ centers
  • Fixed length.
  • Safety chain attaches jib to fork lift
  • Designed to fit a maximum 7″ x 2″ fork


  • Turn your fork lift into a crane
  • Drawings are pre-engineered & certified
  • OSHA & OH&S Compliant
  • Easy to manufacture yourself
  • Build for yourself or build to sell
  • Save on shipping

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