Slide on forklift hook

Drawings to produce a fixed length slide on forklift hook. Designed and certified to be compliant with OH&S and OSHA. These drawings include material information, welding information and manufacturing instructions.


Forklift Crane Hook Drawings:

See the following drawings to produce a fixed length slide on forklift hook. These drawings are everything that you will need to manufacture your own fork lift boom for sale or use within your company.


  • Slide on system
  • lug to support security chain
  • simple design
  • 3x safety factor
  • Email us for custom fork widths


  • Turn your fork lift into a crane
  • Drawings are pre-engineered & certified
  • OSHA & OH&S Compliant
  • Easy to manufacture yourself
  • Build for yourself or build to sell
  • Save on shipping

Additional information

1 ton, 2.5 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton

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