Retained Welding Engineer

In Canada any structural fabrication projects such as: structural buildings, crane ways, structural supports mezzanines, architectural steel work can be specified to CSA W59 and require a CWB certified fabrication shop to complete the work. To become CWB certified you need to qualify under CSA W47.1 or similar code. These code basically says you need a qualified welding procedure, welded by a qualified welder who is supervised by qualified welding supervisor and in some cases involve a welding engineer and go into details about what and how to qualify.

There are three levels to the certification:

(a) Division 1 — the company shall employ a welding engineer on a full-time basis;
(b) Division 2 — the company shall retain a welding engineer on a part-time basis; and
(c) Division 3 — the company is not required to employ or retain a welding engineer.

If you have been debating becoming a CWB division two welding shop certified to CSA W47.1 you might find it a lucrative mechanism for expanding your shop. Many public projects that are open tenders require division two certified shops and it could open a whole sector of new fabrication projects for your shop to bid on.

As described by CSA W47.1 the role of a retained engineer is to:

The welding engineer shall provide welding engineering support for the company, as required by the company, to meet certification requirements of this Standard. As a minimum, welding engineering support shall include the development (with other personnel as appropriate) of new welding procedures when required, and the preparation of the corresponding welding procedure specifications and welding procedure data sheets, as well as periodic reviews of the company’s welding practices.

Basepoint Engineer can fill the role of retained engineer and assist in getting your shop’s CWB level 2 certification.

What the actual service of a retained welding engineer looks like:


  • Assistance with qualifying and applying for division two status with CWB
  • Quarterly on site audits as per W47.1 producing inspection report.
  • Developing welding procedures and data sheets on an as needed basis
  • Trouble shooting welding problems
  • Quarterly audits as per CSA W47.1 criteria.
  • Project consultation and as built drawings of fabrication projects.

Basepoint Engineering has 10+ years experience fabricating, specifying welding and writing welding procedures but offering a retained welding engineering service is new for Basepoint in 2020. We will be servicing all of Alberta and will consider BC and Sask. If there is a need. If you would like to chat with us about how we can help you with this service please don’t hesitate phone or email or fill out the form below.

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