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spreader bar end connection design


Basepoint Engineering is please to bring you a selection of lifting equipment blue prints ready for download so that you can start manufacturing your own lifting equipment. Take a moment to browse the selection of lifting equipment that we have available for download and immediate purchase – if you cant find what you need we can custom build what ever you need.

Each drawing packages contains:

  • PDF file of the manufacturing blue prints
  • Material specifications for each part
  • Part drawings for the sub components
  • Construction information such as weld details
  • Rating plate template
  • Required qualifications & inspection criteria
  • Capacity and loading scenario
  • Shackle sizes required
  • Sling length and capacity required
  • Engineering Certification

Benefits of Buying Drawings Online:

  • Be OH&S and OSHA compliant
  • Save on shipping cost
  • Use local suppliers
  • Get exactly what you want
  • Available 24/7
  • Build the device as many times as you want
  • Save on vendor mark ups
  • Be instantly competitive
  • Tap into years of engineering experience by browsing our catalog

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Take advantage of this one time offer:

Pre-Engineered, manufacturing ready drawings of 3 of the most popular lifting devices.


Get 3 Drawings for the Price of 1

Lifting Device Starter Pack

  • -10SW20-12-20: 20ton 12-20' Spreader bar with swivel ends.
  • -10FE05-07-12: 5ton 7-12' Spreader bar with fixed ends
  • -20LB05-08-10: 5ton 8-10' Lifting beam with center crane attachment.

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