Help me collect some feedback on designs/engineering/building lifting equipment leading up to the launch of my online store.

You are here because you expressed an interest in helping me bounce a few ideas around on how to make the engineering process better for lifting equipment/rigging/spreader bars and cranes. My goal is to open an online store selling engineered products in our industry. I am hoping you can help me build and sell the right products priced for the right amount to actually solve a pain in people’s lives.

If you have recently purchased engineering, use engineered products or found this link interesting please sign up so we can continue the conversation. I want to collect a handful of people that I can talk to occasionally over the next 2-3 weeks building up to the launch of our store. I will try and make it worth your time by offering free or discounted engineering at the end of it to show my gratitude.

Thanks for taking the time to come here. If you want to read more about us please visit our about page.


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