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Pre-Engineered, manufacturing ready drawings of 3 of the most popular lifting devices.


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Lifting Device Starter Pack

  • -10SW20-12-20: 20ton 12-20' Spreader bar with swivel ends.
  • -10FE05-07-12: 5ton 7-12' Spreader bar with fixed ends
  • -20LB05-08-10: 5ton 8-10' Lifting beam with center crane attachment.

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No. 1 – You are ready to start building spreader bars and need to know where to start. This 3 for 1 starting pack is perfect for people just getting into manufacturing spreader bars for either themselves or for commercial sale. The two spreader bars will cover the majority of your mobile crane customers and the one lifting beam is perfect for any shop with a 5-10ton overhead crane.

No. 2 – These drawings are manufacturing ready. They come with weld specifications, parts lists, material lists and everything you need to successfully produce these beams. The drawings are design to ASMEB30.20 and BTH-1 standards and come stamped with a professional engineering stamp for 100% OSHA or OH&S compliance.

No. 3 – 3 for the price of 1. How could you go wrong?