Drawings to produce a adjustable angle and adjustable length slide on forklift jib/boom. Designed and certified to be compliant with OH&S and OSHA. These drawings include material information, welding information and manufacturing instructions. Call or email for custom sizes.


Adjustable Forklift Jib Boom and Hook Drawings:

See the following drawings to produce an articulating adjustable length slide on forklift jib. These drawings are everything that you will need to manufacture your own fork lift boom for sale or use within your company.

Example Adjustable Fork Lift Boom Drawing

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    • Slide on system
    • lug to support security chain
    • Adjustable from 0-40 degrees
    • Adjustable from 7′-12′
    • 8000lbs of lifting capacity.
    • Email us for custom fork widths, dimensions of capacities


    • Turn your fork lift into a crane
    • Drawings are pre-engineered & certified
    • OSHA & OH&S Compliant
    • Easy to manufacture yourself
    • Build for yourself or build to sell
    • Save on shipping
    Additional information

    1 ton, 2.5 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton

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